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Medical e-journal collections/databases

Access: on-site access

Description: Collection of medical journals from BMJ Publishing Group. Access to open access articles. 

Producer: BMJ Publishing Group

Type of database: full-text

Access from: 1st Faculty of Medicine network till 31/12/2022

Access: on-site access / remote access

Description: Karger Journals Online Current is an e-journal collection from Karger Publisher covering medicine. The e-journals cover a wide range of medical topics, such as audiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, genetics, neurology, oncology, psychiatry and psychology. List of titles

Selection of 10 mostly used medical journals produced by Karger Publishing.

  • Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Brain, Behavior and Evolution
  • Cytogenetic and Genome Research
  • Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders
  • Digestive Diseases
  • Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy
  • Hormone Research in Paediatrics
  • International Archives of Allergy and Immunology
  • Neonatology
  • Urologia Internationalis

Producer: Karger

Type of database: full-text

Access from: 1st Faculty of Medicine and General University Hospital in Prague networks

The subscription to the Karger Journals includes the entitlement of correspondent authors from Charles University and General University Hospital to fully waive open access publishing fees (APC and Authors Choice) for publishing in both Full Open Access and Hybrid journals (titles with “Author’s ChoiceTM” service) by Karger Publishers. 

E-journal collections/databases

Access: on-site access / remote access

Description: A full-text database of journals from the Oxford University Press – Full collection.

Producer: Oxford University Press

Type of database: full-text

Access from: 1st Faculty of Medicine network (Charles University)

Access: on-site access / remote access

Description: SpringerLink provides access to fulltext scientific journals, book series, books, and reference works in science, technology and medicine published by the Springer.

Producer: Springer Nature

Type of database: full-text

Access from: 1st Faculty of Medicine network (Charles University)

Access: on-site access / remote access

Descripton: Complete collections of academic journals by Taylor & Francis: Social Science & Humanities Library, Science & Technology Library a Medical Library.

Producer: Taylor and Francis

Type of database: full-text

Access from: 1st Faculty of Medicine network (Charles University)

OA publishing conditions for corresponding authors

Access: on-site access / remote access

Description: Wiley Online Library provides access to fulltext scientific journals, book series, books, and reference works in medicine, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts published by the Wiley.

Producer: John Wiley and Sons

Type of database: full-text

Retrospective: since 1995

Access from: 1st Faculty of Medicine network (Charles University)

Subject based scientific e-journals

Journals subscribed by 1stFM and GUH

Title Publisher ISSN Access
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Oxford University Press 1938-3207 on-site access / remote access
Foot and Ankle Clinics Elsevier 1083-7515 on-site access / remote access
Hygiena Státní zdravotní ústav 1210-7840 on-site acccess / remote access
Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation Int. Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation 1053-2498 on-site access / remote access
Journal of Lipid Research American Soc. for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 1539-7262 on-site access / remote access
Journal of Pediatric Intensive Care Thieme Connect 2146-4618 on-site access / remote access
Thrombosis and Haemostasis Schattauer 0340-6245 on-site access / remote access

Selection of medical e-journals from consortia

Název Vydavatel ISSN Přístup
Abdominal Imaging Springer 1432-0509 SpringerLink
Addiction Soc. for the Study of Addiction 1360-0443 Wiley Online Library
Age and Ageing Oxford University Press 1468-2834 OUP Journals
Allergy Wiley 1398-9995 Wiley Online Library
American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part A Wiley 1552-4833 Wiley Online Library
Analytical and  Bioanalytical Chemistry Springer 1618-2650 SpringerLink
Anesthesia & Analgesia Lippincott 1526-7598 OVID
Annals of Internal Medicine EBSCO 1539-3704 EBSCO
Annals of Oncology HighWire Press 1569-8041 ScienceDirect
Biochemical Journal PubMed Central 1470-8728 Biochemical Journal
Biological Psychiatry Elsevier 1873-2402 ScienceDirect
Biotechnology and Bioengineering Wiley 1097-0290 Wiley Online Library
Blood HighWire Press 1528-0020 Blood
BMC Public Health BioMed Central 1471-2458 BioMed Central
Brain Oxford University Press 1460-2156 OUP Journals
British Journal of Anaesthesia Elsevier 1471-6771 ScienceDirect
British Journal of Dermatology Wiley 1365-2133 Wiley Online Library
British Journal of Haematology Wiley 1365-2141 Wiley Online Library
British Journal Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Elsevier 1532-1940 ScienceDirect
British Journal of Surgery Wiley 1365-2168 Wiley Online Library
Cancer Wiley 1097-0142 Wiley Online Library
Carcinogenesis Oxford University Press 1460-2180 OUP Journals
Caries Research Karger 1421-976X Karger
Cell and Tissue Research Springer 1432-0878 SpringerLink
Cellular Immunology Elsevier 1090-2163 ScienceDirect
Circulation Lippincott 1524-4539 OVID
Clinical and Experimental Allergy Wiley 1365-2222 Wiley Online Library
Clinical and Experimental Immunology Wiley 1365-2249 Wiley Online Library
Clinical Cardiology Wiley 0160-9289 Wiley Online Library
Clinical Endocrinology Wiley 1365-2265 Wiley Online Library
Clinical Implant Dentistry And Related Research Wiley 1708-8208 Wiley Online Library
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Cochrane Collaboration 1469-493X Cochrane
Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology Wiley 1600-0528 Wiley Online Library
Critical Care Medicine Lippincott 1530-0293 OVID
Current Opinion in Immunology Elsevier 1879-0372 ScienceDirect
Current Opinion in Lipidology Lippincott 1473-6535 OVID
Current Opinion in Urology Lippincott 1473-6586 OVID
Developmental Dynamics Wiley 1097-0177 Wiley Online Library
Diabetes Care EBSCO 1935-5548 EBSCO
Diabetes, Metabolism Research and Reviews Wiley 1520-7560 Wiley Online Library
Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Wiley 1463-1326 Wiley Online Library
Diabetologia Springer 1432-0428 SpringerLink
Eating and Weight Disorders Springer 1590-1262 SpringerLink
Environmental Health Perspectives EBSCO 1552-9924 EHP
European Heart Journal Oxford University Press 1522-9645 OUP Journals
European Journal of Applied Physiology Springer 1439-6327 SpringerLink
European Journal of Immunology Wiley 1521-4141 Wiley Online Library
European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Springer 1619-7089 SpringerLink
European Journal of Oral Sciences Wiley 1600-0722 Wiley Online Library
European Journal of Pediatrics Springer 1432-1076 SpringerLink
European Radiology Springer 1432-1084 SpringerLink
Forensic Science International Elsevier 1872-6283 ScienceDirect
Forensic Science International: Genetics Elsevier 1878-0326 ScienceDirect
Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology Springer 1556-2891 SpringerLink
Frontiers in Immunology Frontiers Media 1664-3224 Frontiers
Gastroenterology Elsevier 1528-0012 ScienceDirect
Genome Biology BioMed Central 1474-760X BioMed Central
GUT BMJ Publ. Group 1468-3288 BMJ
Histochemistry and Cell Biology Springer 1432-119X SpringerLink
Human Mutation Wiley 1098-1004 Wiley Online Library
Hypertension Lippincott 1524-4563 OVID
Chromosome Research Springer 1573-6849 SpringerLink
Immunological Reviews Wiley 1600-065X Wiley Online Library
Immunology Letters Elsevier 1879-0542 ScienceDirect
Intensive Care Medicine Springer 1432-1238 SpringerLink
International Journal of Dental Hygiene Wiley 1601-5037 Wiley Online Library
International Journal of Legal Medicine Springer 1437-1596 SpringerLink
International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry Wiley 1365-263X Wiley Online Library
Journal of Analytical Toxicology Oxford University Press 1945-2403 OUP Journals
Journal of Clinical Oncology Am. Soc. of Clinical Oncology 1527-7755 EBSCOhost
Journal of Clinical Periodontology Wiley 1600-051X Wiley Online Library
Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine Elsevier 1878-7487 ScienceDirect
Journal of Forensic Sciences Wiley 1556-4029 Wiley Online Library
Journal of Hypertension Lippincott 1473-5598 OVID
Journal of Infectious Diseases Oxford University Press 1537-6613 OUP Journals
Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia Springer 1573-7039 SpringerLink
Journal of Mass Spectrometry Wiley 1096-9888 Wiley Online Library
Journal of Pathology Wiley 1096-9896 Wiley Online Library
Journal of Pediatrics Elsevier 1097-6833 ScienceDirect
Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Elsevier 1532-6500 ScienceDirect
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology Elsevier 1097-6787 ScienceDirect
Journal of the National Cancer Institute Oxford University Press 1460-2105 OUP Journals
Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Elsevier 1097-685X ScienceDirect
Journal of Diabetes and its Complications Elsevier 1873-460X ScienceDirect
Lancet Elsevier 0099-5355 ScienceDirect
Lancet Infectious Diseases, The Elsevier 1473-3099 ScienceDirect
Lancet Neurology Elsevier 1474-4465 ScienceDirect
Lancet Oncology Elsevier 1474-5488 ScienceDirect
Legal Medicine Elsevier 1873-4162 ScienceDirect
Microcirculation Wiley 1549-8719 Wiley Online Library
Molecular Cancer BioMed Central 1476-4598 BioMed Central
Molecular Oncology Elsevier 1878-0261 ScienceDirect
Molecular Oral Microbiology Wiley 2041-1014 Wiley Online Library
Nature Nature Publishing Group 1476-4687 OVID
Neurology Lippincott 1526-632X OVID
New England Journal of Medicine Massachusetts Med. Soc. 1533-4406 NEJM
Nicotine & Tobacco Research Oxford University Press 1469-994X OUP Journals
Obesity Review Wiley 1467-789X Wiley Online Library
Oncotarget Impact Journals LLC 1949-2553 Oncotarget
Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Wiley 1600-5562 Wiley Online Library
Physics in Medicine and Biology Institute of Physics Publ. 1361-6560 IOPscience
Placenta Elsevier 1532-3102 ScienceDirect
Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Lippincott 1529-4242 OVID
Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids Elsevier 1532-2823 ScienceDirect
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry Wiley 1097-0231 Wiley Online Library
Respiration: International Journal of Thoracic Medicine Karger 1423-0356 Karger
Science HighWire Press 1095-9203 Science
Seminars in Immunology Elsevier 1096-3618 ScienceDirect
Seminars in Nuclear Medicine Elsevier 1558-4623 ScienceDirect
Seminars in Oncology Elsevier 1532-8708 ScienceDirect
Spine Lippincott 1528-1159 OVID
Thorax HighWire Press 1468-3296 BMJ
Tobacco Control HighWire Press 1468-3318 BMJ
Trends in Immunology Elsevier 1471-4981 ScienceDirect
Vaccine Elsevier 1873-2518 ScienceDirect
World Journal of Urology Springer 1433-8726 SpringerLink

TOP open access medical journals

sorted by IF 2014

Title Publisher ISSN IF 2014 SJR 2014 APCs Field
Ca-A Cancer Journal for Clinicians Wiley 0007-9235 144.800 37.384 free of charge, OnlineOpen US$3000 oncology
PLoS Medicine Public Library of Science 1549-1676 14.429 4.438 US$2900 medicine
Molecular Systems Biology EMBO 1744-4292 10.872 8.571 article & reports €2950 systems biology
Genome Biology BioMed Central 1474-760X 10.810 7.111 £1770 / €2255 / US$2770 medical biology and genetics
PLoS Biology Public Library of Science 1545-7885 9.343 5.505 US$2900 biology
eLife eLife Sciences Publications 2050-084X 9.322 5.187 free of charge biology
Nucleic Acids Research Oxford University Press 1362-4962 9.112 6.160 £1420 / €2130 / US$2770 chemistry, biochemistry
EMBO Molecular Medicine EMBO, Wiley 1757-4684 8.665 4.076 article & reports €2950 molecular biology
Cell Reports Elsevier 2211-1247 8.358 6.900 $5000 biology
Theranostics Ivyspring International Publisher 1838-7640 8.022 1.732 article AUD$1800, letter AUD$900 medicine, pharmacology
BMC Biology BioMed Central 1741-7007 7.984 3.268 £1665 / €2120 / US$2605 biology
Environmental Health Perspectives US Dept of Health and Human Services 0091-6765 7.977 2.775 free of charge public health, microbilogy
PLoS Pathogens Public Library of Science 1553-7374 7.562 4.368 US$2250 immunology, parasitology
PLoS Genetics Public Library of Science 1553-7404 7.528 5.792 US$2250 medical biology and genetics
BMC Medicine BioMed Central 1741-7015 7.249 2.560 £1665 / €2120 / US$2605 medicine
Particle and Fibre Toxicology BioMed Central 1743-8977 7.113 2.026 £1370 / €1745 / US$2145 toxicology
mBio American Society for Microbiology 2150-7511 6.786 2.545 article US$3000, observation US$1500 immunology, microbiology
Emerging Infectious Diseases Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1080-6040 6.751 2.943 free of charge epidemiology
Molecular Neurodegeneration BioMed Central 1750-1326 6.563 2.645 £1515 / €1930 / US$2370 molecular biology, neurology
Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience Canadian Medical Association 1180-4882 5.861 2.398 $1750 pharmacology, psychiatry
Haematologica Ferrata Storti Foundation 0390-6078 5.814 2.151 article €1550, letter €300 hematology
Open Biology Royal Society Publishing 2046-2441 5.784 3.528 £1200/ €1560 / US$2160 medical biology and genetics, immunology, neurology
Current Issues in Molecular Biology Horizon Scientific Press 1467-3037 5.750 2.269 US$1360 molecular biology
Eurosurveillance Centre Europeen pour la Surveillance Epidemiologique du SIDA 1560-7917 5.722 1.985 free of charge epidemiology, immunology
Breast Cancer Research BioMed Central 1465-5411 5.490 2.726 £1770 / €2255 / US$2770 oncology
DNA Research Oxford University Press 1340-2838 5.477 2.107 £280 / €350 / US$500 medical biology and genetics
Annals of Family Medicine The Annals of Family Medicine, Inc. 1544-1717 5.434  – free of charge internal medicine
Molecular Autism BioMed Central 2040-2392 5.413 2.420 £1370 / €1745 / US$2145 molecular biology, psychiatry
Journal of Neuroinflammation BioMed Central 1742-2094 5.408 2.186 £1445 / €1840 / US$2260 immunology, neurology
Genome Medicine BioMed Central 1756-994X 5.338 2.258 £1770 / €2255 / US$2770 medical biology and genetics
Epigenetics & Chromatin BioMed Central 1756-8935 5.333 3.594 £1565 / €1995 / US$2450 medical biology and genetics
Bulletin of the WHO WHO 0042-9686 5.089 2.014 free of charge medicine, public health
Cell Death and Disease Nature Publishing Group 2041-4889 5.014 1.993 article €2600, correspondence €900 cytology
DMM Disease Models & Mechanisms Company of Biologists Ltd 1754-8403 4.973 2.449 £2000 medical biology and genetics
Molecular Brain BioMed Central 1756-6606 4.902 2.253 £1265 / €1610 / US$1980 molecular biology, neurology
European Cells and Materials (ECM) Swiss Society for Biomaterials 1473-2262 4.886 0.562 US$100 biochemistry, medical biology and genetics
Journal of Hematology & Oncology BioMed Central 1756-8722 4.812 1.436 £1650 / €2105 / US$2580 hematology, oncology
Biology Direct BioMed Central 1745-6150 4.658 2.379 £1370 / €1745 / US$2145 biologie
PLoS Computational biology Public Library of Science 1553-734X 4.620 2.824 US$2250 genetika, molekulární biologie
Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance BioMed Central 1097-6647 4.556 1.827 £1240 / €1580 / US$1940 kardiologie
International Journal of Biological Sciences Ivyspring International Publisher 1449-2288 4.509 1.654 article AUD$1800, letter AUD$900 cytologie, molekulární biologie
Molecular Medicine Feinstein Institute Press 1076-1551 4.508 2.232 US$1500 (+ US$100 manuscript processing fee) lékařská biologie a genetika, molekulární biologie
Critical Care BioMed Central 1364-8535 4.476 1.859 see website intensive care
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases Public Library of Science 1935-2727 4.446 2.093 US$2250 infectious medicine, public health
Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research BioMed Central 1756-9966 4.429 1.399 £1315 / €1675 / US$2060 oncology
International Journal of Nanomedicine Dove Medical Press Ltd. 1176-9114 4.383 1.152 £1465 / €1843 / US$2310 biophysics, bioengineering
Experimental Diabetes Research Hindawi 1687-5214 4.325 1.246 US$1500 endocrinology, diabetology
Journal of the American Heart Association Wiley 2047-9980 4.306 1.762 US$1500-US$2000 cardiology
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience Frontiers Research Foundation 1662-5102 4.289 1.636 US$250-US$1900 cellular and molecular neuroscience
Molecular Cancer BioMed Central 1476-4598 4.257 2.050 £1370 / €1745 / US$2145 oncology
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