Registration for the library

The Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) provides services mainly for the staff of the 1st FM (members of the academic staff and researchers), for students of all accredited fields of study at the 1st FM, for the GUH staff, students and staff of other CU faculties, CU alumni, specialized institutions, and professional pubic.

In order to use our library services, it is necessary to have a CU ID card, which can be obtained at the CU Point. There are different types of this card: for students, CU staff, CU Alumni Club members or card for external members (those who are not studying or working at the CU).

The registration for the ISI library – as well as for all libraries of the Charles University – is done via an electronic registration form. By filling the registration form, the user confirms he/she would observe the Charles University Library and Circulation Rules and consents to processing of his/her personal data. Prior to filling-in the e-registration, you will be asked to log in via the Charles University Central Authentication Service (to be able to do this, you need to know your personal number and your valid password). If your contact information is not up-to-date, it needs to be changed in the WhoIS system (section Možnosti: Moje osobní a kontaktní údaje > Kontakty) prior to giving your consent. A change of your permanent address can only be done when you visit the student/personnel department at your faculty.

If you want to change your contact information after having given your consent, you need to visit any library of the Charles University.

Users with an external user CU ID card

An electronic user registration is available to both CU users (students and staff) and general public users, providing they have collected their external user CU ID card in one of the card service centres.


Electronic registration form

The registration for the ISI library is free of charge for all user categories. The length of a user registration depends on the user category: student a doctoral student for 3 years, internship student – 6 months, employee – 5 years, CU co-operator and public for 1 year. After this period has run out, the registration can be renewed.

Unfortunately, no. Without a valid personalized CU ID card, we cannot process your registration.
In case you have lost your CU ID card, it is your duty to notify the ISI library and the CU Point as soon as possible – you can use this online form. It is in your own interest because otherwise, your card could be misused. If a user does not report a lost or stolen ID card, he/she is liable for any damage that arises in consequence of his/her violation of obligations.

Yes, it´s mandatory for users to inform the library about every change in their personal data, such as name, address, e-mail address, termination/interruption of their study etc.

Loans and other services

Every registered user is obliged to follow the Library Rules of the Charles University (Rector’s Directive No. 36/2019) and the Code of Operation and of the Loan Rules and other Codes of Rules of the Institute of Scientific Information of the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and General University Hospital in Prague (Dean’s Measure No. 15/2019), as well as their changes, which might be announced in future. A printed version of both these documents can be found in the library. There is an English translation of the ISI Loan Rules Appendices on our website.

You cannot borrow a document for the maximum loan period straightaway, you need to extend the period one time after another. If someone has placed a reservation on the book, it is no longer possible to extend the loan period.

Strictly in-house loans are available in the study room (on the 1st floor of the library building). These may not be borrowed home under any circumstances.

You are allowed to enter the study room only with a valid user ID. Without your CU ID card, you will not be allowed to enter. On the ISI premises, we run a cloakroom. The cloakroom je designated solely for the users of the study room to temporarily store their outerwear (coats, jackets, caps etc.), umbrellas or hand luggage (rucksacks, backpacks, bags) of reasonable standard size and weight in. For operational reasons, it is not possible to leave baggage of larger size and weight neither in the cloakroom nor anywhere else on the ISI premises.

No. No document may borrowed using someone else’s CU ID card.

No. No document may borrowed using someone else’s CU ID card.

Yes, you may check your user account online in the Discovery Service UKAŽ (login in the upper left corner).
Useful tutorials on the UKAŽ Discovery can be found on the ISI pages, section Tutorials.

Yes, you can extend your loans and place reservation in the UKAŽ. There is no need to come to the library in person.
All tutorials on operating your user account can be found on the ISI pages, section Tutorials.

Yes, 3 days before the end of the loan period, the system automatically sends a message (so-called alert) alerting you that need to return or extend your loan soon. You can check the status of your user account yourself after logging in to the UKAŽ.

Yes, it is possible to use self-service printing, copying, and scanning services in the ISI building. Greyscale and full colour multipurpose printing devices are available. You log in and pay using the system MyQ.
All information on the reprographic services can be found on the webpages of the 1st Faculty of Medicine CU.

Information on how to create the account and all you need to know about copying, printing and logging-in to the MyQ system can be found on the webpages of the 1st Faculty of Medicine CU.

Yes, the whole building has an Eduroam network coverage. Thorough information are available on the webpages of the 1st Faculty of Medicine CU.

Penalties, lost documents, and compensation

The usual overdue fine is 3 CZK/day/document. For the days, when the library is closed, no extra fines are charged. The first 3 overdue notices will be sent by email. The fourth overdue notice is sent as a registered letter and an extra 250 CZK are charged (overhead expenses). The fee for sending of a written overdue notice by mail is set according to the valid price list of the postal operator (Česká pošta) plus 15 CZK of overhead expenses. Thorough information is given in the Appendix No. 4 RD No.36/2019 – List of Fees and in the Appendix no. 2 of the Code of Operation and of the Loan Rules of the ISI library.

A fine up to 200 CZK can be paid in any library of the CU. Fines larger than 200 CZK can only be paid in the exact library, where the debt has originated.

The fine can be paid by card or by bank transfer. It is, however not possible to pay us from the money you have deposited on your CU ID card.

In case the librarian agrees, you may pay the fine by giving the library compensation in the form of a book (this would of course be of approximately the same price as the fine you owe the library).

If you lose a book, you need to notify the library immediately. A lost document is usually substituted by buying another copy of the same edition, a copy of another edition according to the library’s needs, or by a copy in the same value (informational as well as monetary) according to the library’s needs. Each time a lost document is not substituted by the same title, it is necessary to discuss the particularities with our librarian in advance, so that the new book meets the requirements. Another possibility is a monetary compensation for the lost document.

Catalogue and electronic information resources

Online search in the collections of all CU libraries is possible in Discovery Service UKAŽ.

Access to the e-resources depends on the specific license agreement. CU e-resources are offered under university-wide licences, consortium licences for some faculties (1st FM CU, 2nd FM CU, and 3rd FM CU) or licences for individual faculties. A full list of all currently available e-resources and their conditions of use can be found at the Charles University eResources Portal.

Most e-resources offer also the possibility of remote access (from wherever you are). First of all, you need a valid CU ID card and an active password from the Charles University Authentication Service (CAS). Even though you get some password when the card is issued, you have to change it within 5 days, otherwise it expires. Then you simply log in. All necessary information concerning direct and remote access can be found at the Charles University eResources Portal or – for some important e-resources – on our internet pages, section E-resources.

Remote access to e-resources does not depend on the device you use (PC, Mac, tablet, mobile phone…) and its operating system (Windows, Linux, OS X, Android etc.). It is, however, necessary to have a valid user login (see above) – besides the internet connection, of course.

The most frequent cause of this issue is password expiration. There are two different ways how to renew your password on the Charles University Authentication Service webpages:

  1. If your password expired less than 3 months ago (and you still remember it), you can still log in to the CAS using the old one and change it (set a new password).
  2. If your password expired more than 3 months ago or you have forgotten it, you have to visit some of the CU ID card service centres where they will generate a new password for you – which is only valid for 5 days and you need to change it in the CAS before it expires too.

If neither of these options works, please contact the EIR administrator of the 1st FM CU and GUH, Mgr. Jitka Stejskalová.

Yes but only those resources for which the license agreement allows it. The list of e-resources available to registered external users is to be found at the Charles University eResources Portal.

Yes, all theses defended since 2006 are open to public online in the Charles University Digital Repository. A printed copy may be borrowed as an in-house loan in the library of the faculty where the thesis was defended. Older printed theses from the 1st FM CU are located in the depository library in Lešetice.

To renew your books, you need to sign in to your user account. Your username is stated on the CU ID card (User ID – number bellow the picture, PIN – barcode).

Sign in in the upper menu (Login CU user).

  • There is a list of your current borrowings (Loans), the history of your borrowings (Loan history List) and the list of current requests for documents (Hold Requests).
  • Open the Loans folder and check your borrowings. You can either Renew All or Renew Selected books.
  • The system will then mark those items that have been renewed or tells you the reason why they have not been renewed.
  • It is not possible to renew books if:
    • the title is requested by other users and you are supposed to return the book – „Item has holds. Patron is not first in hold queue“;
    • you have reached the maximum loan period (90 days, 720 days) and you have to return this book (you can borrow it again but the book must go through the library system) – „Loan cannot be renewed“;
    • the regular loan period is overdue on any of your borrowings (you need to visit or contact the library).
    • In case the end of your year registration is close, the books will only be renewed till this date.

If you want to make a request:

  • Search the catalogue and find the title you need (for a quicker result choose to search just the catalog of the 1st Faculty of Medicine).
  • To get exact information on particular items (availability, amount), click „Lib/Item“ at the chosen record.
  • There are four states of documents in the system:
    • regular loan – 1 month loan period;
    • study loan – 150 days loan period (for non-students 1 month);
    • strictly in-house loan – only for in-house study;
    • deposit – the book is located in a sub-library (institutes and clinics of the 1st Faculty of Medicine and General University Hospital).
  • The request may only be made for the regular and study loans.
  • The request may only be made if all items of the title are borrowed by someone. It means that there is none item with either regular or study loan state „On Shelf“. If there is just one on the shelf, you need to come to the library.
  • To make a request, click „Request“ in the left part of the chart and then confirm your intention by clicking „OK“ and then „OK“ again.
  • It doesn’t matter what item you request – you always queue up at the end of line of waiting users.
  • When the book is ready for you, you will receive an email. Come within 3 days or the booking will be passed on to another interested user.
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