Registration to the library

The Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) offers services mainly for the 1st Faculty of Medicine employees and students and General University Hospital in Prague employees, but any other employee and student from Charles University as well as scholarly public can become a registered user of the library.

You have to bring valid ID card or passport and CU card for CU employees, students or external users and also VFN card for VFN employees.

The registration is free of charge.
The registration is valid always for 1 year.

No, it´s not possible to register without valid CU card. In case you lose your card, please visit the CU card center and inform the library, otherwise you are fully responsible for its abusing.

Yes, it´s mandatory for users to inform the library about every change in their personal data such as address, e-mail address etc.

Loans and others services

Every registred user has to follow the Library Rules of the Charles University and also Loan rules of ISI. You can find resume of loan rules on ISI website and print versin in the library.

Regular loan: 30 days, revealed up to 90 days;
Study loan: 150 days, revealed up to 300 days;
Grant loan: 1 year, revealed up to 3 years;
Strictly in-house loan: only for in house study.

You are not limited by number of renews, but by the maximum length of loan. The number of loans is defined by User’s Categories (see Loan rules – Resume).

Strictly in-house loans are available in the study room (in 1st floor of the library building).

To enter the study room, you have to be registered user of the library and you have to put forward your valid library card.
Before entering the study room, please leave your coats, bags and luggages in the cloakroom, which is situated on ground floor.
If you have penalty higher more then 50 CZK, you are not allowed to enter study room and use any library services as long as not repay the dept.

Yes, there are three self-service photocopiers and printers based on MyQ system in the library (two in the study room, one in the loan room). For further information please visit faculty website.

The whole library is covered by eduroam Wi-Fi network. But you can also use computers in the study room or in the PC study room on the ground floor. For further information please visit faculty website.

Penalties, losses and compensation

Delayed return is penalized 3 CZK per one opening day. In addition, you have to pay a postage – 30 CZK for the first overdue notice and 40 CZK for the second overdue notice. For forther information see Fees and Pricelist.

You will not be allowed to use any library services, if your penalty is higher than 50 CZK.

You can pay by cash and if penalty is higher then 100 CZK, you can pay also by a credit card.

In case you lost a borrowed book, please immediately inform the library. You will have to compensate the lost book by a copy of the same title or by a book of adequate financial value.

Catalogue and electronic information resources

To find book or another printed document from all CU libraries, please use centralized catalog of Charles university (CKIS).

CKIS offers the possibility to search the central catalog or to search the particular catalogs of Charles university libraries and to administrate the personal library account (it enables to renew borrowings, make requests for documents, change the email address for communicating with the library etc.)

To use the library account it is necessary to sign in. All identifying data is on the student/library card (User ID – number bellow the picture, PIN – barcode).

Yes, you can check your library account online in library catalogue.

Yes, you will receive a notification by e-mail 3 days before the end of loan period.

To renew your borrowings you need to sign in to your user account. All identifying data is on the student/library card (User ID – number bellow the picture, PIN – barcode).

Sign in in the fold USER:

  • There is a list of your current borrowings, the history of your borrowings and the list of current requests for documents.
  • Open the Loans folder and check your borrowings. You can „Renew All“ or „Renew Selected“ books.
  • The system will mark items that were renewed or tells the reason why they were not renewed
  • It is not possible to renew books if:
    • the title is requested by other users and you are supposed to return the book – „Item has holds. Patron is not first in hold queue.“;
    • you have reached the maximum loan period (90 days, 720 days) and you have to return this book (you can borrow it again but the book must go through the library system) – „Loan cannot be renewed“;
    • the regular loan period is overdue at any of your boroowings (you need to visit or contact the library);
    • the end of your year registration is coming then the books are renew just til this date.

If you want to make request:

  • Search the catalog and find the title you need (for quicker result choose to search just the catalog of the 1st Faculty of Medicine).
  • To get exact information on particular items (availability, amount) click „Lib/Item“ at the chosen record.
  • The system differs these states of documents:
    • regular loan – 1 month loan period;
    • study loan – 150 days loan period (for non-students 1 month);
    • “strictly in-house loan” – only for in-house study;
    • deposit – the book is located in a sub-library (institutes and clinics of the 1st Faculty of Medicine and General Teaching Hospital).
  • The request can be made only for the regular and study loan.
  • The request can be made only if all items of the title are borrowed. It means that there is not any item with either regular or study loan state „On Shelf“. If there is just one on the shelf you need to come to the library.
  • To make a request click „Request“ in the left part of the chart and then confirm your interest by clicking „OK“ and then „OK“ again.
  • It doesn’t matter what item you request – you always queue up the end of line of waiting users.
  • When the book is ready for you, you will receive an email. Come within 3 days or the booking will be transferd to another interested person.

Access to e-resources is dependent on licence conditions; there are available university resources, consortium resources for participating faculties (i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Faculty of Medicine) and individually paid faculty resources at Charles University. Complete and up-to-date summary about available resources is at eResources Portal of Charles University (PEZ).

Almost all e-resources support remote access from each device (PC, Mac, tablet , mobile phone, etc.) or operating system (Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, etc.). It is always required to log in. You only need a valid card of Charles University and an activated password from Charles University Authentication Service (you will get the password when you receive the card but it is neccessary to change the password withing 5 days unless it expires). All information about on-site access and remote access is available at eResources Portal of Charles University (PEZ) or at selected important resources on our website (E-resources section).

The most frequent reason is an expiration of your password. You can renew the password by two different ways at Charles University Authentication Service:

  1. If your password expired less than 3 months ago (and you still remember it), you can log in with it to Charles University Authentication Service and set up a new password.
  2. If your password expired more than 3 months ago or you do not remember it, you are required to visit one of Charles University information and advisory centres where you will receive a new password (it is neccessary to change the password withing 5 days unless it expires).

In case you experienced any issues, contact PhDr. David Horváth, the manager of e-resources of 1st Faculty of Medicine.

Yes, only when the licence conditions apply. The list of e-resources available for external registered users is visible at eRouserces Portal of Charles University (PEZ).

Qualification theses defended after the year 2006 are online accessable in the Thesis repository. Printed copies of qualification theses of the 1st Faculty of Medicine students can be searched for in the library catalogue and they are available as “in house loans” at the loans desk.

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