ISI in the emergency mode


Online sources for studying and teaching

Publishers, publishing houses, distributors, and libraries have responded to the present situation and are opening their online collections for students and teachers for free or in the form of trial access – for the period of university closures.

International sources:

educational platforms 

  • Coursera – online courses from universities around the world

e-book and e-textbook collections

e-journal collections

  • PNAS – multidisciplinary journal covering biological, physical and social sciences

databases, archives, applications

  • – preprints of articles about COVID-19
  • Coronavirus Research Database – fulltext database provides relevant technical literature on the new coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Funding Institutional – research funding through a solution that combines current funding opportunities with research grant information
  • Internet Archive – non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more
  • Karger Fast Facts – collection of guides containing the best available evidence, diagnostic, treatment and patient care requirements for doctors and nurses at the General University Hospital in Prague
  • Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry – extended access to information from medical chemistry and biochemistry available through the Reaxys database platform
  • SciVal – research performance metrics from research institutions and their affiliates from around the world
  • The Transfusion Evidence Library – FREE database – an information resource that provides access to evidence-based publications on all aspects of transfusion medicine

Sources from the Czech Republic:

  • Karolinum – the Charles University publisher Karolinum offers over 700 online books for free – all you need to do is log in to via CAS.

tools for online teaching – the Computer Technology Centre of the 1st FM and WikiSkripta have prepared and overview of useful tools

Other electronic information resources, which are available at Charles University through subscription, are accessible in Charles University eResources Portal.

COVID-19 in scientific literature

Publishers, publishing houses, and distributors are making journals and chapters on the coronavirus accessible for free.

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